great value coach holidays from wiltshire

Why choose A COACH for your holiday?

There are lots of compelling reasons to choose a coach for a day trip, short break or holiday. When you take a coach holiday with us, there’s no driving stress.

When you join your tour, the driver takes over, loading your suitcases safely, while you relax in your seat. No worrying about lost luggage.You can doze or look at the passing scenery, chat to new-found friends or partners, enjoy a coffee and simply relax.

Even at your hotel, your luggage is usually carried for you, at least as far as the lobby. And you can go straight to the bar for a drink without even thinking about driving!

And with concerns about pollution and global warning – not to mention increased security checks at airports – there has never been a better time to think about travelling by coach.


A coach carrying 40 people occupies the same space in the cities and towns you tour as three cars. While every gallon of fuel will take two car passengers about 30 miles, a gallon of coach fuel takes the same two people 200 miles.

Recent independent studies into carbon emissions reveal that coach travel is more environmentally friendly than travelling by air, car and even by train, with a journey by coach almost six times less pollutant than the equivalent journey in a plane.

Unlike air travel, you will not be faced by long queues for check-in, passport control or security, both before departure and on arrival at your holiday destination. And you won’t be sat crammed between two total strangers on the plane.


A typical modern coach is double-glazed, air conditioned, and has reclining seats for supreme comfort. It rides on air suspension, cosseting its passengers.

The driver has the benefits of a luxury car – traction control, anti-lock brakes and even electronic stability control. While not all coaches are new, all get a maintenance check every day, and a thorough examination every four to six weeks, and pass an MOT with four times as many safety checks as a family car.

Your safety is absolutely paramount to a coach operator, which is why coaches have the best safety record of any form of transport